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Free technical SEO audit analysis

Wondering how your current website is performing? Wondering how well it stacks up to competition? Let me do a complimentary analysis for you. One of the biggest reasons businesses come to me for a technical analysis is because the website they had didn’t generate leads for them or it performed poorly. I want to help you get an idea of how effective your website is for your business. Get a free analysis of your website now!


    TASMA (Total Addressable Search Market Audit) is a data-driven audit that demonstrates the potential ROI available for your business via search. It’s the TAM for search marketing.

    This audit is perfect for understanding how SEO can reshape your business in terms of income generated and market share.


    SQA (Sitewide Quality Audit) is the all-in-one report that presents a view of where your site stands in terms of overall SEO signals.

    The SQA is a part technical audit, part content audit, part strategy, and it drives all of my technical SEO campaigns.

    Comprehensive SEO Audit

    Want to understand your revenue opportunity with search AND the optimisation you will need to make to achieve it?

    The Comprehensive SEO Audit does precisely that.

    I combine the TASMA and SQA to create the ultimate technical audit, so you can understand how SEO can affect your bottom line, as well as the modifications that need to be executed to achieve the strategy revenue goal.

    You can't sit around and wait for the storm to be over; you've got to learn how to dance in the rain !
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