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Technical SEO Audit Services

Slow SEO growth? Losing your rankings? Big drops in traffic? You could keep guessing. Or, you could call in an expert and get the problem solved.

Running a full technical SEO audit allows me to identify and fix any issues your website has that's hindering its SEO performance. Auditing a website gives me a solid foundation on which to build and grow your website's visibility to customers within organic search.

SEO audits make it easy for Google to crawl and index your website.

Google uses over 200 inter-linking ranking factors when indexing websites. If you make it easy for Google to index and crawl your site, it will perform better in the organic search results – that's what LJ Digital's Technical SEO audits do.

I regularly run full technical SEO audits (similar to a car's MOT) to ensure that your website complies with 'best practice SEO' inline with Google's Webmaster guidelines – this is an essential ongoing monthly process.

My technical expertise allows me to identify critical issues and to understand why your website is or isn't performing well within search. SEO audits play a crucial role in search engine marketing and can be that first step to taking your business to the next level.

Technical SEO Audit process

As an experienced SEO, I have a tried-and-tested SEO audit that I use to optimise my client's websites. There's simply nothing that can compete with an experienced industry professional when it comes to optimising your site's search engine performance.

SEO Audit Reviews:

  • Site accessibility
  • Google indexing issues
  • Keyword usage and relevance
  • Correct keyword mapping and page optimisation
  • Image optimisation and keyword tagging
  • Optimise all Meta Data with targeted keywords
  • Quality of the content and duplication issues
  • Canonical Tag recommendations
  • Redirect audit
  • Page speed improvements
  • Optimise Geo-location pages for Local SEO
  • Mobile responsiveness and usage
  • Code review and recommendations
  • Implement Schema mark-up
  • … plus all other technical SEO issues that we always seem to uncover!
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